Also Known As

No Known Alias

Played by Andy Bradshaw
Species Wolf (Hellhound)
First Appearance When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Occupation None
Spouse None

"You're doomed."

"Unless I tell dad."

"As I said, you're doomed."

"How angry do you think he'll be?"

"On a scale of one to mass murder?"

Vladimir Dracula and Zoltan, Faustian Slip

Zoltan is the stuffed wolf and faithful companion of Vladimir Dracula. He has appeared in all but two episodes (Camping and Sweet Sixteen) and was in the very first episode, When You're a Stranger. He is voiced by Andy Bradshaw.


He is, however rather sarcastic, encourages vampirism and is always against Vlad's plans to act more like a "breather". Although he frequently gives advice, sometimes good, to both Robin and Vlad, his advice is not always heeded.


Series 1 & 2

Despite his status as a taxidermy victim, Zoltan gets around the castle very well on his wheels. However, he has been forbidden to use the words stake, sunlight and garlic by the Count, which has placed both Robin and the Count in danger more than once. He speaks with a Russian accent.

Early Life

Little is known about Zoltan during the time before he was stuffed. However, it is known that Ivan Dracula had a habit of throwing him off the castle battlements, which may have been the cause of his death. It is also known that he was a reluctant member of the pack of wolves that savaged Renfield Sr. to death - he regrets this immensely.

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