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'''Young Dracula Wiki''' is a fan created encyclopaedia which covers all aspects of the [[w:c:CBBC|CBBC]] television series Young Dracula which has been on our screens for three series, with a fourth series currently being broadcast.In here you will find out about the characters, places, episodes and actors from the programme. However, be warned, many of the articles contain spoilers to episode plots, so do not read them if you wish to watch the episodes first. Please enjoy reading about the hit series, and help edit it too! Good luck! Thanks, Young Dracula Wiki.
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|{{Charportal|image=Jonathan_Van_Helsing.jpg|articlename=Jonathan Van Helsing|name=Johnno}}
|{{Charportal|image=Eric_Van_Helsing.jpg|articlename=Eric Van Helsing|name=Eric Van Helsing}}
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Welcome to the official Young Dracula Wiki, a collaborative and accessible encyclopaedic resource covering all aspects of the CBBC television series Young Dracula that anyone can edit.

The series follows Vladimir, his single father, Count Dracula, older sister Ingrid, and their exploits across British suburbia and beyond as part of the undead — much to his father's horror, Vlad would take a good old fashioned sleepover with his new-found friends over biting practice any day. Life as a teenage vampire is hard, between all the homework, the highschool drama, and trying to stop your father from taking a bite out of one of the locals!

We have currently curated 340 articles with upwards of 14,000 edits since our founding on September the 5th, 2008. Be warned, many of the articles contain spoilers and plot details, so read at your own risk! Please enjoy reading about the hit series, and help edit too! Good luck!


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