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Young Dracula Wiki guidelines. Please use the relevant Talk page to discuss these guidelines.

Good faith

The wiki will assume that most people are making a well-intentioned effort to help, however misguided or misinformed they may be. Users who make non-deliberate mistakes will not be penalised, though mistakes may be deleted or edited out as necessary. Please pay attention to edit summaries as advice may be given here. The "Editing Help" guide has useful suggestions for the layout of pages, but it is not a strictly enforced rulebook.


Vandalism is an addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the wiki's integrity. Users who replace text with obscenities, blank pages or add nonsense will be considered vandals. Vandalizing pages is a violation of wiki policy, and vandals will be blocked immediately.

Disruptive edits

Contributors who constantly make disruptive edits (such as deleting reliable information from content pages) will be given formal warnings. If they fail to improve they may also be blocked.


Fanon is concepts and ideas that are normally used in fan fiction, but do not exist in the story's canon. The Young Dracula Wiki is a canon wiki. Please visit the Young Dracula Fanon Wiki if you wish to share fanon information. All references to fanon should be removed from content pages.

Relationship pages

Shipping pages focussing on two characters will be deleted. Each character may have one Relationships page associated with them.

Forums and blogs

Please keep all arguments civil and polite. Spam and posts with profanities will be removed. Young Dracula Wiki has zero tolerance for trolls and encourages users not to engage with them but to report them to an admin. Any obvious trolls will be blocked immediately.


Obscene images will be treated as vandalism. Images which are not being used may be deleted. The use of the wiki as a gallery is discouraged so please don't flood pages with images.

Wikia uses the CC-BY-NC License and all images must be compatible with that license. Contributors are encouraged to add the BBC image template to screenshots and promotional images from the BBC.