Young Dracula: AND Young Monsters
Young Dracula and Young Monsters
Author Michael Lawrence
Illustrator Chris Mould
Publication date 01 September 2006
Published by Barrington Stoke
ISBN 9781842994450

Young Dracula: AND Young Monsters is a children's fantasy novel by Michael Lawrence. It comprises of two stories, the first of which was loosely based on the premise explored in Bram Stoker's horror novel Dracula. Young Dracula is the story on which the television series Young Dracula was loosely based.


Count Dracula is the greatest, scariest, meanest vampire of them all. So how come his son is the most rubbish vampire he's ever seen? Vampire? More like wimpire! Can Young Dracula show his father what he's made of? It's Lon's first day at his new school - the Dr Ffelix Ffurter School for Young Monsters! Terrifying creatures stalk the corridors - and that's just the teachers! Is Lon bad enough? He'll have to be on his worst behaviour...[1]


  • Young Dracula and Young Monsters is set in 19th century Transylvania, not in modern day Britain.
  • The title character is not Count Dracula's son but the Count himself.
  • Wilfred and Smirk were swapped as children, however in the TV series it turns out that Robin and Vlad were not swapped.

Target AudienceEdit

The book is recommended for children aged 8 and up.


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