Yin and Yang Necklace
Yin and Yang Necklace
Owner(s): Vladimir Dracula

Sally Giles

Creator(s): Unknown
Status: Divided
Uses: Gift
Only Appearance: The Darkest Hour

The yin and yang necklace was a gift from Talitha. She presented the necklace to Vlad on his eighteenth birthday, telling him that the two halves were detachable. He could give the other half to someone that was special to him so they'd always be connected. Vlad had to say goodbye to his mother and sister at the end of series 5 because he realised that they would always be in danger as long as they new him. Before Count Dracula wiped their memories, Vlad gave Sally the yang half of the necklace, keeping the yin side around his neck.


  • Yin-yang is a concept in Chinese mythology that describes how opposite or contrary forces are interconnected. The yang side is sunlight, while the yin side is shade.
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