Wolfie the Werewolf
Also Known As



Played by
Species half-Werewolf half-Vampire
First Appearance Baby Dracula
Mother Magda Westenra


Patrick the Werewolf

Occupation Werewolf, Vampire.
Spouse None

Wolfie is Vlad and Ingrid's younger half brother. He was born in Episode 6 of Series 2, and his parents are Magda and Patrick. When Magda comes and tries to emotionally manipulate Vlad into making her his regent, she fails and exits. However, she accidentally leaves Wolfie with the Draculas, angry at Vlad and the Count.



Count Dracula

When he was born in Series 2 Episode 6, Count said he wanted to bite him until Magda left with him. Later in Series 3 Episode 4 , Count thinks Wolfie is annoying and gets in his way a lot, and threatened to send him back to Magda, until he tripped Renfield over, after which the Count decided to keep him on a trial expertation.

Later in the series, Count decides to take him out hunting (making Renfield jealous), meaning that their relationship is building. In Series 3 Episode 13, Count told Wolfie to help Renfield cure his invisiblity trance that Sethius put on him.

Ingrid Dracula

Ingrid wants to bite him as seen in Episode 3 Series 3 not knowing that it is Wolfie/Barry. Deep down Ingrid actually cares about Wolfie.

Magda Westernra

He likes his mother but doesn't know that she is too busy for him and might not care for him. It is confirmed in Series 3 Episode 3 that she and Patrick are too busy for him when they leave him with the Draculas.


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