Wolfie the Werewolf
Species: Half-Werewolf, Half-Vampire.
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Family: Patrick the Werewolf (father)

Magda Westenra (mother)
Vladimir Dracula (elder maternal step half-brother)
Ingrid Dracula (elder maternal half-sister)

Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Barry


Status: Alive
First Appearance: Baby Dracula
Last Appearance: Do The Bite Thing
Portrayed by: Lorenzo Rodriguez

Wolfie is Ingrid's younger maternal half-brother, and Vladimir's younger materal step half-brother. He was born in Baby Dracula, and eventually named "Barry".

In series 3, Magda tries to emotionally manipulate Vlad into making her his regent. When this fails she leaves Wolfie with the Draculas, where he stays for a period of time under the reluctant ward of the Count. Wolfie left with Magda shortly before the beginning of series 5.

He is the only known vampire/werewolf hybrid throughout the series, but currently seems to exhibit only the powers of a werewolf.


Wolfie seems to be a very sweet and meek boy, despite him developing a bit of a rivalry with Renfield.


Wolfie Dog

Wolfie as a 'dog'

Count DraculaEdit

After discovering that he was a werewolf in Baby Dracula, Count Dracula said that he wanted to bite him. Later in Fangs for the Memories, Count finds Wolfie annoying because he gets in his way a lot. He threatens to send him back to Magda, but, before succeeding in sending Wolfie away, he realises that he has some affection for the boy.

Later in the series the Count decides to take him out hunting, evidence that their relationship is building. In All For One, the Count tells Wolfie to help Renfield cure his invisibility trance that Sethius put on him.

Ingrid Dracula Edit

She cares deeply for her younger half-brother.

Magda WestenraEdit

He likes his mother but doesn't know that she is too busy for him and might not care for him. It is confirmed in Series 3 Episode 3 that she and Patrick are too busy for him when they leave him with the Draculas. However, Magda clearly does care about Wolfie when she takes him back in between series 4 and 5.


Wolfie develops a rivalry with Renfield when he arrived competing for The Counts attention and they argue a lot over whom The Count likes more. However, in series 5, Renfield becomes devastated when Ingrid tells him Magda took Wolfie back and vows to keep his old toys indicating they have become friends.

Family TreeEdit

Wolfie's family tree

Dracula Family
Atilla Westenra
Krone Westenra
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Lucinda Westenra
Ingrid Dracula

See: Westenra Family

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