Who's the Daddy
Series 05, Episode 02
Air Date 20th January 2014
Writer Gary Lawson & John Phelps
Previous Fight or Flight
Next Flesh and Blood

Who's the Daddy is the second episode of Series 5.

Episode SummaryEdit

Vlad is angry to discover the secret his father has been hiding from him for 18 years. Meanwhile Ingrid is trying to climb the ladder at the VHC by dusting her competition! Renfield races against time to cure Vlad's ailment, but when Vlad discovers the true nature of his illness, questions about his past surface and the Count reveals a series of unexpected surprises. Not the least of which is that Vlad is half "breather," which means that the count commited a sin by having a child with a human. More to the point, they regard the mixed breeding of vampire and human as an abomination. The High Council would put the Count to death for allowing such a thing to happen in his clan! Elsewhere, Ingrid orchestrates an intricate plan to earn her place on the Vampire High Council.



  • Warnock becomes Minister of Education in Ingrid's place.
  • Vlad begins to have trouble with his powers and is able to sit in the sunlight.