Whitby Goth Festival
Type: Event
Associated Persons: Sally Giles

Count Dracula
Vladimir Dracula

Other Associations: Whitby

Dracula (novel)

Only Appearance: Who's the Daddy (mentioned)

Flesh and Blood (mentioned)

The Whitby Goth Festival is a fictitious event held in Whitby, Yorkshire. It is a music festival for goths ranging over the period of three days and two nights. It is based upon the real world Whitby Goth Weekend, founded by Jo Hampshire in 1994. Whether the events are one in the same is as of yet unknown. 

Following one of the multiple time periods whereafter Count Dracula and Magda Westenra had seperated, Count Dracula explained to Vlad that he had attended the 1995 event as an attempt to "cheer himself up". He had spied Sally Giles across a crowded hall, and had first mistaken her for a fellow vampire, stating, "You know, some of those goths are very convincing!" 

He later described her as the most bewitching of women, and that he was very fond of her. They got along splendidly, and the festival ended with Sally falling pregnant with Vlad. 


  • Part of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was set in Whitby, and the location was likely chosen for the connection.
  • It is possible the Count was generalising, as he had only stated, "a goth festival in Whitby,"
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