Town/City: Yorkshire
Country: England, United Kingdom
Location type: Town
Purpose: Location of the Whitby Goth Festival

Whitby, Northern Yorkshire, England is a seaside town and location of the fictitious Whitby Goth Festival. It is where Count Dracula attended the festival and subsequently met an eighteen year old Sally Giles. Shortly later, during the festival, Sally became pregnant with Vladimir Dracula.

It is possible that Sally had resided in Whitby, and can be assumed that it is Vladimir's birthplace.

History Edit

With a population of 13,000 and counting, Whitby sits on the east coast of Yorkshire, neighbouring the fellow maritime city of Scarborough. A historic fishing port, the town an established seaborne trade, mining and tourism-based heritage, dating as far back to 656.

Tourism & Dracula Edit

Tourism is currently Whitby's primary source of income. Laying the first stone during the Georgian period, traffic greatly increased in 1836 due to the production of the railway. Among local natural attractions, including its proximity to the North York Moors National Park, and its Heritage Coastline, the link to Bram Stoker's Dracula cements this town as an iconic and highly appraised destination of Dracula fans and tourists alike.

Despite other notable literary connections, Stoker is said to have considered Whitby as part of the inspiration for his famous Gothic horror novel after a visit during 1890. Parts of the novel are set in the coastal town, and Stoker had incorporated pieces of local folklore within the novel, including the beaching of the Russian ship Dmitri, though named the Demeter in the novel. Dracula is the lone survivor, logged as leaving the grounded ship in the form of a large black dog. Stoker had discovered the titular name "Dracula" at Whitby's old public library.


  • The Dracula connection was likely why the location was chosen, as a nod to the original work.
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