My neighbour's a vampire....excellent!
Robin Branaugh, in When You're a Stranger

When You're a Stranger
Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 21 September 2006
Writer Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell
Previous n/a
Next First Day At School
When You're a Stranger is the first episode of Young Dracula, broadcast on 21st September 2006. It was the first

From left to right: Ingrid, Count Dracula and Vlad

episode to feature the characters of Vlad, the Count, Robin, Ingrid, Renfield, Elizabeth, Ian and Paul, Graham, Chloe and Zoltan.

Summary Edit

600 years old Count Dracula, having been forced to move from Transylvania to a castle in Wales, is disappointed that his son Vlad doesn't want to follow in his bloody footsteps. Meanwhile, the family of their young neighbour Robin Branaugh wishes that he wasn't such a vampire fan. Robin has a device that allows him to hang from his ceiling.


  • Zoltan the Hellhound is stuffed with sawdust.
  • Vlad hopes to own a TV.
  • Magda, Ingrid's Mother, is mentioned, and a portrait of her is shown

Cast Edit

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