When Vampires Go Bad
Series 02, Episode 12
Air Date 1st February 2008
Writer Unknown
Previous Eclipse
Next The Chosen One
"It's time to bite back!"
Eric Van Helsing

When Vampires Go Bad is the penultimate episode of Season Two of Young Dracula. It is the first to feature Justice Moroi, the Grand High Vampire and Professor Cheney.

Synopsis Edit

The Draculas are playing a nice game of slewdo when the Grand High Vampire turns up and sentences the Count to death. But will Vlad be able to save his dad before it's too late?

However the Grand High Vampire is killed first, but by who? Will and Justice Moroi arrange a duel after Moroi calls Will a half-fang. It turns out that the insane Boris slew both Moroi and the Grand High Vampire but he is killed by the Grand High Vampire's crown. Van Helsing attempts to slay Dracula. Dracula says that unless he leaves quietly Mina will be killed. Van Helsing is kicked out of the slayers' guild. At the end Van Helsing swears revenge.

Cast Edit

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