Westenra Family
Westenra Family
Earliest Member: Atilla Westenra
Enemies: Dracula Family
Status: Active
House: Unknown
First Appearance: Mum's Return
Last Appearance: Do The Bite Thing

The Westenra Family is an ancient and strict family of vampires from Transylvania. Only four members with the surname Westenra are known and it is unknown whether Wolfie has adopted the name.

Magda was never married to Count Dracula, though she did have a daughter with him. She also adopted his other son, Vladimir, so she wouldn't have to produce a male heir.

Family Members Edit

Atilla WestenraEdit

Krone WestenraEdit

Magda WestenraEdit

Ingrid DraculaEdit

Vladimir DraculaEdit

Count DraculaEdit



Possible MembersEdit

  • In "Bite Me" Renfield and Ingrid discussed someone called 'great-aunt Repugna' who had false fangs. It's not know whether she was a Dracula or a Westenra.

Family TreeEdit

Westenra family tree

Dracula Family
Atilla Westenra
Krone Westenra
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Lucinda Westenra
Ingrid Dracula

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