Vampiress Liberation
Vampiress Liberation
Other Names: The Vampettes
Leader: Ingrid Dracula
Founder: Ingrid Dracula
Enemies: Vladimir Dracula
Intentions: Assassinating the Chosen One

Obtaining the Praedictum Impaver

Status: Disbanded
Headquarters: Garside Grange
Notable Members: Lead Netballer
First Appearance: Hit Chicks
Last Appearance: Whatever It Takes
"The revolution starts right here, right now in this... toilet"
Ingrid Dracula

The Vampiress Liberation are a group of girls Ingrid turned into vampires to give girls more power. It is a more violent and vampiric form of the 'Suffragettes'. Their sign is an 'L' made with their hand, usually standing for loser. As they were turned by Ingrid, they all become loyal to her, obeying her orders without question. The groups first assignment from their leader is to kill her brother using various weapons before he gets too powerful. The first V.L. gets killed when holding a stake, she is slammed behind a door by accident, driving the stake into her heart, leaving only her hoop earrings.

Raiding the Blood Cellar

Ingrid's posse raid the blood cellar

Ryan Noble becomes loyal to Ingrid after being turned into a Vampire by her, and joins the group, becoming the only male member. Ingrid's Vampiress Liberation group also backed her when the Sethius came out of the Praedictum Impaver at the end of Series 3.

Ryan's loyalty to Ingrid does not last long, and he turns against her. It is possible that this happened to the rest of the group as well, as they are no longer seen with Ingrid.

They are also seen in Series 4, when Ingrid, Malik and Renfield are preparing for battle against the slayers. It is possible that they are now no longer loyal to Ingrid, and are only working with her due to having a common enemy in the slayers.

They are sometimes referred to as "The Vampettes".

Notable MembersEdit

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