Vampire Law
Type: Laws
Associated Persons: Grand High Vampire (Character)

Ingrid Dracula
Vladimir Dracula

Other Associations: High Vampire Council

Grand High Vampire

First Appearance: When Vampires Go Bad

Vampire society has very different laws and customs. Laws are enforced by the VHC (Vampire High Council)

Old Laws

  • The Vampire High Council directive of 1832 said that every Carpathian Feast must by sanctioned by the Vampire High Council. You need to fill in form 965 and have approval from the board. Failure to comply will result in ritual staking.
  • Under ancient vampire law, the brother of a deceased man is forced to marry his widow. Count Dracula was forced to marry Elizabeta after his brother Arta Dracula was murdered.
  • According to Vlad, the Shadow Warriors were banned under the 'Vampire Convention'.
  • Under the old vampire law, fratenising with breathers and slayers was punishable by death. Count Dracula was imprisoned in an argentallium cage and almost left to roast in the sunlight come dawn.
  • Having a baby with a breather is even more of a faux pas, both socially and by law. If the Vampire High Council found out the Count had a baby with Sally Giles, the Count would be (in his own words) 'banished to a cosmic prison dimension swirling through a sunlit universe for eternity'. On the scrolls of Vampire Law it was stated that 'the sins of the father are the sins of all the family', meaning that the rest of the family would be condemned too.
  • Slewdo, the board game, was mentioned as being against the law.

New Laws

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