Vampire High Council
Other Names: The Council


Leader: Grand High Vampire

Morgan (provisionally)

Founder: Unknown
Enemies: Breathers


Intentions: Preserving Vampire Law
Status: Active
Headquarters: Vampire High Council (building)
First Appearance: 13th Birthday (First Mentioned)

Also known as the VHC, the Council is an organization that is like the government of the vampire world. It was formed many years ago and is in charge of both creating and enforcing law (like when Ingrid Dracula creates the law about the Batulariat, or when the Grand High Vampire sentences Count Dracula to death). The Vampire High Council had never previously included girls, until the inclusion of Adze Ramanga and Ingrid Dracula. The Council was originally lead by The Grand High Vampire, but since his death has instead been lead by a head of council. Though the VHC was originally full of "old coffin lodgers"(as Malik Dracula puts it), there are more and more younger members (Ingrid Dracula, Warnock, etc.).


For a full list see: Vampire Law

Known Members

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