Vampire Café
Shango & Asan
Other Names: Unknown
Country: England, United Kingdom
Status: Open
Location type: Hangout
First Appearance: The Enemy Within (series 5)
Last Appearance: The Bodyguard

The Vampire Café first appears in Series 5 of Young Dracula.

Series 5Edit

Asan leaves Garside Grange and enters a café where skulls are on display. Waiters wearing red waistcoats serve drinks in metal cups. Asan meets with his brother, Shango, who passes him a drink of bloodflower tea.

Later, Vlad and Talitha visit the café to spy on bounty hunter Farah.

Vampire Café

Asan arrives

The fact that both Asan and Vlad were able to reach the café suggests that it is situated in or near Liverpool in the United Kingdom.
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