Count Dracula: "So, because we wear capes, we're vampires?"
Elizabeth Branaugh: "He has an overactive imagination"
Count Dracula: "Because we have a penchant for black, we're vampires? Just because we have fangs and and drink blood, we are vampires!"
Count Dracula and Elizabeth Branaugh[src]

Vampires are undead beings like that of popular literature. A stake through the heart and garlic cause them harm. The main difference is that most vampires are born from two undead parents and for the first 16 years of their life they are close to being normal. On their 16th birthday they go through a transformation and gain all vampiric abilities and weaknesses (like aversion to direct UV light).

As a fully fledged vampire they gain many abilities: super speed that borders on teleportation, the ability to hypnotise humans and the ability to create a fireball which can be thrown. They can also shapeshift; normal vampires can turn into a bat and smoke. Vampires can also open and close doors with a click of the fingers and ignite and put out candles with a wave of the hand. The count is seen to remove his soul from his body and possess a human but it is unknown whether this a common vampiric trait or just the Count's ability. Vampires can be awake in the day and as long as they don't come into direct contact with UV light they won't die.

Types of Vampire



Slayer reference book depiction

  • 'Half-fangs', once bitten, don't all change at once (apparently due to what blood type they have). It's possible that different blood types unconsciously resist the change but this is not proven.
  • Vampires' eyes can also change colour. The most common colour in series 1 and 2 is red. But in series 2, the vampires' eyes turn gold during hypnosis. In series 3 Vlad can change his entire eyes to black, an ability which the count has and first demonstrated to Vlad, Ingrid and Robin before turning into a bat to hunt Van Helsing in 'Kidnipped', series 2. The street vamp's eyes can turn entirely black as well. This happens when a vampire is craving human blood.

Vampire Laws

See: Vampire Law

Vampire Powers

Vampires have a wide variety of powers and some are more powerful than others.

Electricity Generation





Matter Transformation

Mind Reading




Shockwave Generation

Super Hearing

Super Senses

Super Smell

Super Speed

Super Strength



Known vampires

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