UV Cage
UV Cage
Creator(s): Slayers
Age: Modern
Status: In use
Uses: Trapping vampires with UV light
First Appearance: The Chosen One
Last Appearance: Blood Match

A UV Cage is a small floating device which shoots out rays of ultraviolet light. No normal vampire can pass through the rays without turning to dust.

Series 2

The device first appeared in "The Chosen One", when Kurt Moller used the device to trap Count Dracula. After Ingrid's takeover the Count was left to rot in the cage. Managing to escape after the battery finally died, he and Vlad fled to Garside Grange.

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

  • In "Open House" Kai, a bounty hunter hired by Shango Ramanga to slay the Draculas, used a UV cage to trap Vlad and Talitha. In "Blood Match" Ingrid, the Count, Talitha and Vlad are trapped inside UV Cages. Being half-human Vlad manages to escape, but not without some sizzling. After being freed, Talitha joins forces with Renfield to free the others. They succeed in making the traps harmless using crystals to change the wavelength of the light.
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