Transylvanian Pigweed
Transylvanian Pigweed
Creator(s): Vampires
Status: In use
Uses: Sending vampires and humans to sleep
First Appearance: The Crown of Ludlaw Erant

Transylvanian Pigweed is a natural sedative that will send both humans and vampires straight to sleep.

Series 4Edit

In series 4 Renfield uses the pigweed to give the soy blood a fruity taste. The Count, after drinking it, falls straight to sleep. Vlad realises that they can use the soy blood to remove the unwanted photographer. He and Miss McCauley both fall asleep after drinking the solution.

The solution was also used by George Lansley to sedate homeless humans while blood was taken from them. Bootiful Breathers

Series 5Edit

In series 5 Shango Ramanga uses a pigweed solution to send Renfield to sleep while he imprisons the Draculas in UV Cages.

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