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Timeline of historical events.

This page details events which characters have made reference to, fictional or otherwise, in the Young Dracula universe.


- It is said that the crown of power was forged at the 'dawn of time'[1], although the first vampires appeared around 3000 years ago (if Sethius is anything to go by) -

B.C. era

3rd century

  • 205 - The Battle of Tuthrall.[3]

8th century

  • 733 - The Battle of Disperia.[4]

12th century

  • 1142 - The Battle of Hunyadvár.[5]

14th century

15th century

16th century

17th Century

  • 1665–66 - The Great Plague of London.[11][12]

18th century

- Count Chandu lived in this century - Arta Dracula died and Count Dracula ascended to the throne before Malik's birth -

19th century

20th century

21st century

Continuity problems

  • If Magda Westenra was born roughly 250 years ago (c. 1762), then she would be around 50 years younger than Malik. The Count might have forgotten her real age. An earlier date would still tie in with Chandu and Count Dracula fighting over her.[25] However since Elizabeta lied about Count Dracula being Malik's father this date could be correct.
  • Adam Giles must have been born in 1996 if Sally Giles had a normal pregnancy of 40 weeks. This might move the entire storyline forward. The Draculas should have left Transylvania in 2008-9 (later than the original broadcast date of the first series). Series 3 should have been set in 2012, and series 5 in 2014.


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