• Hi! This is really, really , really random but I just thought I'd say hi because I'm so glad that someone had stepped up to rejuvenate the wiki. I had my eye on it for some time but never got round to it for some reason unknown to myself - I chose to design the character templates and main-page templates instead in a bid to make this wiki more presentable.

    Anyway congtraulations! (...if that's the right sentiment?) The wiki looks truly awesome now and looks a heck of a lot more professional than it ever has done. If you need me to build up on anymore templates (though you seem to be doing fine in that department) or edit some CSS/Javascript (like adding a clock to the wiki, customising the buttons/user messages or redesigning the navbar/tabbers) for the wiki, let me know!

    FireworksandChimpanzees Drop me a message!

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