The Yanks Are Coming
Series 02, Episode 02
Air Date 9th November 2007
Writer Unknown
Previous Kidnipped
Next Mirror Mirror
"Prepare to meet your uncle, Ivan the Bloodthirsty!"
Count Dracula

The Yanks Are Coming is the second episode of Series Two of Young Dracula. It is the first to feature the Count's younger brother, Ivan and his children, Boris and Olga.


The Draculas are visited by the Count's brother Ivan from America, and his children Boris and Olga. The Count, remembering Ivan as a bloodthirsty, monstrous vampire from his youth, is shocked to find that life in America has turned his brother 'blood-free'. Ivan, who now wishes to be known as Harvey, attempts to convert the Count to the blood-free way of life, but fails miserably. Vlad, meanwhile, meets his cousin Boris, who is to go through the 'transformation' in a couple of days time. Eventually, the Count agrees to go 'blood-free' if and only if his brother can convince Van Helsing to give up slaying. Ivan attempts this, but, having always had a weak spot for slayer's blood, fails and reverts back to his old ways, much to the delight of Dracula.

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