The Mummy
Series 01, Episode 07
Air Date 2nd November 2006
Writer Unknown
Previous Toothache
Next 13th Birthday
"Okay, quick update. Ugly zombie dude's about to beat Vlad's cheating dad at chess. If he does, guess who gets mummified."
Chloe Branaugh

The Mummy (also known as A Matter of Life and Chess) is the seventh episode in Series 1 of Young Dracula. It is one of only two episodes featuring Miss Harker, the headteacher, and shares similarities with the many films and stories about Egyptian mummies that are often linked with the world of vampires.


It's Parent's Night at Stokely Grammar School, and Van Helsing is looking forward to 'speaking' with Vlad's father. Meanwhile, a mummy with a vendetta against the Count escapes from Dracula's castle and heads for town, looking for him.


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