The Enemy Within
Series 03, Episode 02
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Air Date Unknown
Writer Unknown
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Not to be confused with The Enemy Within (series 5)

The Enemy Within is the second episode of Series 3. It aired on Novermber 1, 2011.


Ryan 12

Ryan, a newly made Vampire

Erin has her newly-bitten brother in the boot of her car and plans to slay the Draculas. She fails when she gets her chance with Ingrid. Vlads father tries to find him a tutor, but he fails with two of the three. While Vlad is in school, Bertrand walks in, and tells Vlad to open the Praedictum Impaver (The Book). They use super speed to go to Vlad's living room, but the Praedictum Impaver is a book that Vlad learns he cannot ignore. Ingrid is cured, after several hideous concoctions produce hairy results. Then, in the training room, Bertrand forces Vlad to show his powers. when Bertrand turns on the U.V. cage, Vlad deactivates it with his powers. He almost turns Bertrand into ash, but withdraws before he can do any real damage. Vlad then agrees to let Bertrand be his tutor.


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Vlad inside the slayer's cage

When Ingrid takes a potion which has unexpectedly given her facial hair.

Count: Well, it's certainly an improvement, I can see less of her face.

(When the Count reveals there is a cure to make Ingrid better.)

Count: Transylvanian bat vomit, does the job every time.

Vlad: You're sick and wrong!

Count: Oh... thank you, Vladdy.

(Gives the Transylvanian bat vomit to Ingrid, who instantly becomes better.)

Ingrid: What did I ever do to you?

Count: Gloated at my execution, plotted to overthrow me, left me to die!



In class


  • Ryan, it appears, was bitten by Ingrid Dracula.
  • Erin is shown to be caring. She was unable to stake Ingrid.
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