The Crown of Ludlaw Erant
Series 04, Episode 04
The Crown of Ludlaw Erant
Air Date 19th November 2012
Writer Davey Jones
Previous Storm in a Blood Cup
Next Murderer in the Midst

The Crown of Ludlaw Erant is the fourth episode of Series 4. It aired on November 19th, 2012.


Malik is secretly meeting with a mystery being, and his loyalty to the Draculas is not so clear cut. Ingrid strikes a deal with Ramanga; she will spy on Vlad and Erin in return for Ramanga's support in her bid to be the first woman on the High Council. Vlad is under stress not just because he has to find a way out of his forthcoming marriage to Adze, but because finding enough blood to supply his SCRAP vampires is not as easy he and Jonno initially thought. And as if Vlad didn't have enough to worry about, the Count has agreed to Miss McCauley's suggestion that they elect a member of SCRAP onto Garside school's senate. When the reluctant Ryan wins instead of Malik, it begins to look like it was a fit up - this escalates to downright suspicion when Ryan collapses and dies after being crowned with a mortar board.


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (an answer to a quiz question) is an actress. She famously played Buffy Summers in the American TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003).


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