The Chosen One
Series 02, Episode 13
Air Date 8th February 2008
Writer Unknown
Previous When Vampires Go Bad
Next Hide and Seek

The Chosen One is the last episode of Series 2 of Young Dracula.

Summary Edit

It is time to appoint a new grand high vampire, and Vlad is having ghost visions of the old leader telling him that he is the chosen one, after two new leaders are disintegrated by the crown, it falls on the count.

Meanwhile Eric & Jonno return to the Slayers base against guild orders and run into a professional slayer with some more advanced weaponry, a fight ensues at the crowning ceremony, the Van Helsings are re-united, Eric finally slays his first vampire, the Branaughs & Mina Van Helsing finally accept that the family are all vampires and Will, amongst several other vampires, are slain. Vlad finally realises that in order to save his family he must don the crown and accept his full vampire powers. He wipes the memory of all humans in the building and then collapses to the floor unconscious.

Cast Edit

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