Series 3 Episodes
No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers
1 "Hide and Seek" Joss Agnew Joe Williams 31 October 2011
B016vvt0 640 360 The family are reunited. Erin saves a sick Ingrid from the slayers and Vlad comes to their aid.
2 "The Enemy Within" Joss Agnew Emma Reeves 1 November 2011
B016vxbt 640 360 Erin has her newly-bitten brother in the boot of her car and plans to slay the Draculas. She fails when she gets her chance with Ingrid. Vlad's father tries to find him a tutor.
3 "Faustian Slip" Joss Agnew Emma Reeves & Max Allen 7 November 2011
Faustian Slip Betrand and Vlad work on Vlad's telepathic skills when Magda returns in a hagged state and as usual causes trouble for Vlad.
4 "Fangs for the Memories" Joss Agnew Unknown 8 November 2011
Fangs for the Memories Vlad takes a trip down memory lane with Erin, the Count tries to get a statue erected, and Wolfie is welcomed to the family.
5 "Carpathian Feast" Matthew Evans Gary Lawson & John Phelps 14 November 2011
Carpathian Feast The Count demands Vlad show more respect, and orders him to arrange a Carpathian feast.
6 "Blood Thief" Matthew Evans Jemma Field & Emma Reeves 15 November 2011
3x65 Believing she is distracting Vlad, Bertrand devises a plan to get rid of Erin and make it look like an accident. Meanwhile, Renfield plays detective to find out who has been stealing the Count's blood.
7 "Bad to the Bones" Matthew Evans Joe Williams 21 November 2011
3x7 Vlad becomes trapped inside the Blood Mirror just as Ramanga, a member of the High Council, arrives...
8 "Bad Vlad" Matthew Evans Gerard Foster 22 November 2011
B017pl39 640 360 Vlad, with his evil reflections, causes havoc for his entire family, putting all of them in dangerous situations with his new found fangs.
9 "Therapy" Joss Agnew Gary Lawson & John Phelps 28 November 2011
B017yp02 640 360 Ingrid, having hit rock bottom, finds herself sitting with a therapist who makes her dig into her past.
10 "The Return" Joss Agnew Gary Lawson & John Phelps 29 November 2011
3x10 Vlad returns back after being away to deal with his evil self. Ingrid has turned a new leaf. Jonathan and Mina arrive at Garside, and the Draculas must test the mind-wipes.
11 "Hit Chicks" Joss Agnew Mark Brotherhood 5 December 2011
10792-3-11 Ingrid starts recruiting girls to her cause. She instructs them to try and assassinate Vlad in various ways.
12 "Blood Loyalties" Joss Agnew Emma Reeves 6 December 2011
Blood Loyalties Vlad recieves a letter from Erin about the Slayer Guild's plans to slay his entire family. Vlad convinces the Count to go on a mission to destroy the Slayers' secret weapon.
13 "All For One" Joss Agnew Joe Williams 12 December 2011
All For One With the slayers closing in, Ingrid out to kill him, and Bertrand turned traitor, Vlad needs the power of the Praedictum Impaver to survive, but to everyone's surprise the book brings Sethius back to life.
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