Talitha Roquelaire
Occupation: Bodyguard
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Roquelaire (father)
Vlad Dracula (boyfriend/mate
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Dark blonde
Status: Undead
First Appearance: Nemesis Rising
Last Appearance: The Darkest Hour - Part 2
Portrayed by: Eleanor Gecks
Talitha Roquelaire, travelled with Vladimir Dracula between series 4 and 5. They apparently visited a group of Tibetan monks and encountered zombies in Haiti. Talitha is a free-spirited "hippy" vampire who only drinks Soy Blood like Vlad.

Series 5

Talitha first appears in "Nemesis Rising", much to Vlad's surprise. Vlad admits to her that he's half-breather, but Talitha seems to accept him.

In "The Bodyguard" Talitha protects Vlad from the female bounty-hunter. Vlad is surprised at her fighting skills and Talitha finally admits that she herself is a bodyguard. She has been sent by her father, the Head of Security at the VHC, to protect him.

Vlad and Talitha seemed to have developed a close relationship as friends, despite the fact that Talitha is there to be Vlad's bodyguard. In "The Darkest Hour" Talitha presents Vlad with two necklaces that will keep whoever wears them connected, wherever they are.

When the Vampire High Council arrive at Garside Grange they accuse Vlad of being half-breather. Talitha tries to fight her father, but he is the one who trained her and she is unable to win. She is locked in a cell with Ingrid Dracula and her father sees her secrecy as a betrayal. Talitha tells him that it is her duty to protect Vlad.

Roquelaire goes to Garside Grange to deal with the Blood Seed, but before he leaves he presents Talitha with a book on their family history. Inside is a torch which Talitha uses to break out of the cell. Talitha, Ingrid and Renfield then help Vlad and the Count escape from the room with the closing walls. Once back at Garside Grange, Talitha and Vlad help her father escape from the grip of the Blood Seed.

As the sun rises, Talitha finally gets Vlad to admit that he loves her. Vlad considers stepping into the sun to become human, but something stops him. He then hurries back to the room and kisses her on the lips.

At the end of the episode Talitha and Vlad join hands. They then leave with each other for the Himalayas, supposedly to spend their eternal life together, in love.

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