Sun And Heir
Series 04, Episode 09
Sun and Heir
Air Date 10th December 2012
Writer Jake Riddell
Previous Loyalty's for Breathers
Next Whatever It Takes

Sun and Heir is the ninth episode of Series 4. It aired on December 10th, 2012


Bertrand is convinced the Shapeshifter is linked to Malik. In retaliation the Shapeshifter creates chaos by manipulating the Dracula clan: First she engineers a near death situation for the Count and Malik in the hope that it will provide the impetus to bond as father and son. Then she impersonates Bertrand and invites Adze and Mina to Garside, where their meeting degenerates into a confrontation. The peaceful coexistence is teetering on a knife edge and Vlad has never felt so alone.



  • The Count feels guilty about his brother Arta's death. Arta died after falling from the battlements before Malik was born
  • Vlad was tricked by Elizabeta, but the fact that he stakes Bertrand before asking questions shows how ruthless he has become. Vlad is also distracted by his own emotions.

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