Owner(s): Slayers
Creator(s): Slayers

Ingrid Dracula

Age: Ancient
Status: Still used
Uses: Slaying vampires

A stake is a piece of wood with a point at one end. It remains one of the most effective weapons for slaying vampires. In order for the weapon to be effective, it must penetrate the vampire's heart. In Young Dracula both vampires and slayers wield stakes.

Vampires killed by the stake

Other notable appearances

In "Sweet Sixteen" Van Helsing and Jonno attempt to give up vampire slaying by destroying all the stakes they have so that Mina will live with them again. After destroying many stakes, Eric reveals that he has been hiding a secret stash of weapons. In the same episode, the Count attempts to kill Magda in her sleep using a stake he gained from a slayer he killed, only for him to hesitate until she woke up.

In "The Bodyguard", when Farah enters the Vampire CaféTalitha asks Vlad to 'stake her out'. Vlad misunderstands and pushes a wooden stake into her back.

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