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17:47, January 26, 2009Mum's Return.JPG (file)13 KBJDBalgores (Magda Westenra arriving at Castle Dracula in Mum's Return.)
19:49, October 12, 2008Jiangshi.jpg (file)15 KBJDBalgores (Jiangshi in The Chosen One.)
19:41, October 12, 2008Chieftain MacDonald.jpg (file)19 KBJDBalgores (Chieftain MacDonald in The Chosen One.)
21:42, October 11, 2008Gerran Howell.jpg (file)18 KBJDBalgores (Gerran Howell being interviewed by the BBC.)
21:20, October 11, 2008Eclipse.jpg (file)16 KBJDBalgores (The solar eclipse in the episode Eclipse.)
16:44, September 21, 2008NorisVH.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (The portrait of Noris Van Helsing.)
14:08, September 20, 2008Magda.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (Magda Westenra at the hunt ball.)
12:48, September 20, 2008Halloween.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (The Count's halloween decorations.)
09:43, September 20, 2008Camping.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (The Count and Vlad next to their tent in Camping)
09:43, September 20, 2008Lucy.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (Lucy talking to Ingrid in Camping)
09:28, September 20, 2008Garlic Gun.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (Lucy holding a garlic gun)
08:51, September 20, 2008Rugby.jpg (file)19 KBJDBalgores (Vlad Dracula in Rugby.)
22:27, September 19, 2008Atilla Westenra.jpg (file)13 KBJDBalgores (Atilla Westenra)
22:18, September 19, 2008Krone Westenra.jpg (file)12 KBJDBalgores (Krone Westenra)
21:36, September 19, 2008Home Education.jpg (file)11 KBJDBalgores (The Count, having been hypnotised by Vlad in Home Education.)
19:56, September 19, 2008The Count.jpg (file)14 KBJDBalgores (The Count)
19:44, September 19, 2008DNA Test.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (The DNA Test conducted by Renfield in TV Addiction.)
18:35, September 17, 2008Renfield Sr.jpg (file)16 KBJDBalgores (Renfield Sr)
18:16, September 17, 2008Regeneration.jpg (file)24 KBJDBalgores (The regeneration of Renfield Sr.)
19:20, September 16, 2008Vlad.jpg (file)9 KBJDBalgores (Vlad Dracula in When Vampires Go Bad)
19:15, September 16, 2008Justice Moori.jpg (file)18 KBJDBalgores (Justice Moori impersonated by Boris Dracula in When Vampires Go Bad)
18:58, September 16, 2008Grand High Vampire.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (The Grand High Vampire talking to Justice Moori in When Vampires Go Bad)
18:47, September 16, 2008Cheney.jpg (file)15 KBJDBalgores (Professor Cheney in When Vampires Go Bad.)
18:43, September 16, 2008Vampire Slayers.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (Eric Van Helsing, Jonathan Van Helsing and Professor Cheney holding stakes.)
14:01, September 14, 2008Hieroglyphic Box.jpg (file)20 KBJDBalgores (The hieroglyphic box in Haloween.)
13:09, September 14, 2008Stokely Grammar.jpg (file)21 KBJDBalgores (Stokely Grammar School in Halloween.)
10:05, September 14, 2008Manly Van Helsing.jpg (file)12 KBJDBalgores (The Plaque from below the portrait of Sir Manly Van Helsing)
23:23, September 13, 20082145.JPG (file)15 KBJDBalgores (The Count in an argentallium cage.)
22:28, September 13, 2008Ingrid Dracula.jpg (file)15 KBJDBalgores (Ingrid Dracula in Mirror Mirror.)
22:07, September 13, 2008APCFV.jpg (file)12 KBJDBalgores (A Painless Cure for Vampires by Porfiria Van Helsing.)
21:57, September 13, 2008Porfiria Van Helsing.jpg (file)19 KBJDBalgores (A portrait of Porfiria Van Helsing.)
10:01, September 13, 2008Olga Dracula.jpg (file)20 KBJDBalgores (Olga Dracula arguing with Ingrid.)
09:46, September 13, 2008Ghost Train.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (The Gost Train pulling up at Lower Stokely Station in The Yanks Are Coming.)
09:38, September 13, 2008Caravan.jpg (file)13 KBJDBalgores (The Van Helsing Caravan in The Yanks Are Coming.)
08:03, September 13, 2008Eric Van Helsing.jpg (file)10 KBJDBalgores (Eric Van Helsing in First Day At School.)
07:57, September 13, 2008Dracula Coat of Arms.jpg (file)23 KBJDBalgores (The Dracula Coat of Arms in Mr Van Helsing's book.)
07:24, September 13, 2008Graham Branaugh.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (Graham Branaugh talking to his wife about the Count in First Day At School.)
21:50, September 12, 2008Herz.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (The Herz outside Stokely Grammar School.)
21:40, September 12, 2008Coffin.jpg (file)14 KBJDBalgores (The coffin in which Count Dracula sleeps.)
21:23, September 12, 2008Blue Car.jpg (file)23 KBJDBalgores (The car belonging to Eric Van Helsing.)
20:34, September 12, 2008Chandu.jpg (file)18 KBJDBalgores (Chandu walking down a corridor in his zombie state in The Mummy)
20:24, September 12, 2008Mr Perkins.jpg (file)22 KBJDBalgores (Mr Perkins with one of Robin's paintings in The Mummy.)
18:10, September 12, 2008Elizabeth Branaugh.jpg (file)14 KBJDBalgores (Elizabeth Branaugh in Toothache)
17:28, September 12, 2008Eric and Jonathan.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (Eric and Jonathan Van Helsing in the episode Home Education.)
17:10, September 12, 2008Zoltan.jpg (file)16 KBJDBalgores (Zoltan at the beginning of Home Education, pretending to be a cockrel.)
18:39, September 11, 2008Castle Dracula.jpg (file)15 KBJDBalgores (A picture of Castle Dracula, the British residence of the Dracula family.)
16:49, September 11, 2008Help Build the Wiki.jpg (file)12 KBJDBalgores (The words 'Help Build the Wiki')
16:45, September 11, 2008New on Young Dracula Wiki.jpg (file)17 KBJDBalgores (The words 'New on Young Dracula Wiki'.)
18:12, September 10, 2008Wiki wide.png (file)169 KBJDBalgores (The Logo for Young Dracula Wiki)
17:56, September 10, 20082119.png (file)458 KBJDBalgores (The Title Card for the Young Dracula TV Series. Used on Wikipedia.)

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