Soy Blood
Soy Blood
Other Names: Soya Blood
Creator(s): Vampires


Status: In use
Uses: Substitute for blood
First Appearance: Blood Thief

Soy blood is a synthetic replacement for the real blood which vampires drink.

Series 3

Soy blood was first mentioned by Vlad in "Blood Thief" as something he drank instead of real blood. Someone had switched soy blood for the real thing.

Series 4

In series 4 Vlad tries to wean the SCRAP kids on to soy blood. This is an unpopular move, and indeed the Vlad's bar is frequently sabotaged. Deliveries are apparetly conducted by Jonno Van Helsing, who uses a delivery van. When the supply runs dry after Malik's sabotage of the van, [Renfield]] attempts to make his own version of soy blood. The Count tries the solution and compliments Renfield on his success. Unfortunately Renfield uses Transylvanian Pigweed to give the soy blood a fruity taste. This sends the Count to sleep. Later in the series Vlad starts to drink the bottled blood from the blood cellar. He becomes addicted after biting Erin and turning her into a vampire.

Series 5

During his travels Vlad has got into the habit of drinking soy blood again. Talitha, his friend, also drinks the stuff as she asks Renfield to serve her soy blood.

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