Slayer's Guild
Slayer's Guild
Leader: Mina Van Helsing (Series 4)
Founder: Unknown
Enemies: All vampires
Intentions: Hunting down and killing vampires
Status: Active
Headquarters: The Docks (series 3)

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The slayers have their own organization called the Slayer's Guild. It is much like the Initiative in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Number of Slayers

Number of slayers (Cuckoo in the Nest).

The Slayers Guild features heavily in Series 4 of Young Dracula. Vlad and the other vampires have entered into a peace initiative with the Slayers Guild. There is a ban on both biting and slaying. The head of operations (Mina Van Helsing) is still adamant that this is a bad idea, but remains on side for the sake of her son. The number of slayers worldwide was shown on the slayer computer system. The figure given was: 687,291.

Mina and the rest of the slayers ordered Erin's execution after she bit breathers. Vlad mindwiped every slayer in existence to avoid all out war.Whatever It Takes

Known MembersEdit

Slayer's Lair

Slayer's lair in series 3

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