Shadow Realm
Location type: Spirit world
Purpose: Where spirits reside
Only Appearance: Blood Match (mentioned)
"The shell of my body was empty, but my spirit, my essence, moved in between the two worlds."
Ramanga ("Blood Match")

The Shadow Realm is the spirit world of the Young Dracula universe. It is the place where the spirits of the ancestors reside. Ramanga was said to have lain down by the place some call the 'Door to Hell' and it was later reported that he had submitted himself to the 'agony of the light'.

He returned in "Blood Match" and it became apparent that reports of his death had been 'greatly exaggerated'. It is suggested that he left the shell of his body behind to visit the realm, and he probably entered via the 'Door to Hell'. Ingrid was surprised that Ramanga had been able to manage this feat.

Once there he was able to converse with the ancestors and gain the knowledge of the ages, including how to perform the 'noose of Asheron' as well as other necromancy spells. Ramanga did not return entirely unscathed. He was given a nasty scar down the side of his face and the insane laughter suggested that necromancy had warped his mind.

While performing the transfer ritual to gain Vlad's powers, Ramanga still seemed to be in tune with the spirit world, and claimed he could hear the ancestors whispering to him. This might have been a figment of his imagination.


  • The Door to Hell is a real place. It is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan.
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