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Premiere: 13/01/2014
Finale: 31/03/2014
Episodes: 13
Directors: Sasha Ransome

Craig Lines

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Series 5 is the final series of Young Dracula. It began airing on 13th January 2014.


Filming of Series 5


Series 5 picks up two months after the end of Series 4. Vlad is almost eighteen and back from recent travels. He has discovered the secret his father has been hiding from him for eighteen years. Ingrid is finally a member of the High Council, but she is struggling to accept her role as Minister for Catering. Her evil plans are currently unclear, but it appears she is trying to overthrow Morgan. Ingrid has adapted use of technology to help her compete with her competition. Malik has returned to save his family from the Shadow Warriors, with the help of Asan.  But can they trust them? So will there be a new series after all ? And if there is, what will happen then and will they all be the characters we all know and love? But even if it is, how will Vlad be able to cope knowing that he is half human? And will Vlad have to pay the price? Who knows what's going to happen next...


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Young Dracula Series 5 Sneak Peek Trailer

Young Dracula Series 5 Sneak Peek Trailer

Episode List Edit

Series 5 Episodes
No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers (thousands)
1 "Fight or Flight" Sasha Ransome Davey Jones 13 January 2014
Fight or Flight Desperate for Vlad to stay, the Count resorts to bribery when he learns that Vlad is only planning a brief stopover back home during his worldwide travels.
2 "Who's the Daddy" Sasha Ransome Gary Lawson & John Phelps 20 January 2014
VHC 2 Vlad is angry to discover the secret his father has been hiding from him for 18 years. Meanwhile Ingrid is trying to climb the ladder at the VHC by dusting her competition.
3 "Flesh and Blood" Sasha Ransome Joe Williams 27 January 2014
Vlad finds Sally Count Dracula finds out about a scheme involving a vampire hotel, and thinks that it could bring both money and blood. Vlad is insistent on meeting Sally.
4 "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" Sasha Ransome Jenny Lecoat 3 February 2014
Once bitten Vlad persuades Sally and George to stay a little longer at Garside, but chaos descends when Ingrid refuses to act differently around the guests.
5 "Warning Shadows" Sasha Ransome Simon J. Ashford 10 February 2014
P01n4vtl 832 468 A mysterious stranger named Asen visits Garside and brings a warning and a someone less welcome with him. The Draculas are the next target of Ramanga's fearsome Shadow Warriors.
6 "The Enemy Within" Craig Lines Julie Dixon, Phillipa Waller & Deborah Frances-White 17 February 2014
The Enemy Within The Count revels in his victory over the Shadow Warriors, before the Dracula family's celebrations are cut short by an unexpected arrival.
7 "Nemesis Rising" Craig Lines Annie Bruce & James Simpson 24 February 2014
Nemesis Rising Malik tries to rescue his mother from the Blood Mirror and finds a surprising ally in his mission, while a friend Vlad met travelling pays him a visit.
8 "Open House" Craig Lines Deborah Frances-White & Philippa Waller 3 March 2014
Open House Renfield arranges an open house to help his vampire masters sell their home, but Asan and Shango ensure there are a couple of surprises in store for the Draculas and their potential breather buyers.
9 "The Bodyguard" Craig Lines Owen Lloyd-Fox 10 March 2014
The Bodyguard When the VHC appoint a bodyguard to protect Vlad from the Bounty Hunters he's worried that his secret of being half human will be discovered. Talitha has a big surprise for Vlad.
10 "Blood Match" Craig Lines Simon J. Ashford 17 March 2014
Vlad power The family's bedtime routine descends into chaos when they are suddenly set upon by enemies old and new - and Renfield will be sweeping up the dust of at least one fallen vampire before the end of the night.
11 "Bite Me" Sasha Ransome Gary Lawson & John Phelps 24 March 2014
Bite Me With Vlad about to turn 18 and become the Chosen One, Ingrid decides to make a final bid for power. Her plan is almost faultless, if only she hadn't underestimated Renfield...
12 "The Darkest Hour - Part 1" Sasha Ransome Joe Williams 31st March 2014
The Darkest Hour Vlad decides whether to be a human or a vampire on his 18th birthday, as the combined forces of the vengeful Ramangas, the power-crazy VHC and the Magister Maleficorum threaten to wipe out his family for ever.
13 "The Darkest Hour - Part 2" Sasha Ransome Joe Williams 31st March 2014
The Darkest Hour - Part 2 As the sun rises on his 18th birthday, will Vlad be granted his biggest wish and become human? With the Blood Seed flourishing and his family under attack, it's certainly not going to be an easy decision to make.