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== Episode List==
== Episode List==
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Series 4
Young Dracula Series 4
Series Information
Premiere: 29/10/2012
Finale: 18/12/2012
Episodes: 13
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Young Dracula series 4 is the fourth series of the popular CBBC show Young Dracula. It consists of 13 episodes, each about half an hour in length. This series was confirmed by Gerran Howell who posted the information on Twitter. Filming began in mid April 2012 and was first broadcast on Monday the 29th October. It was filmed in Liverpool.

Erin's hair style has undergone a slight redesign, as tweeted by Sydney Rae White. From her original "Bieber" style hair cut in series three, she now has hair coming down at the side as is seen in this picture .

Richard Southgate is playing a street vampire called Malik who is determined to bring the treaty down on Vlad's head.

Main Cast and Characters

Recurring Cast and Characters

Episode List

Series 4 Episodes
No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers (thousands)
1 "The Good, the Bad and the Undead" Menhaj Huda Joe Williams 29 October 2012
The Good, the Bad and the Undead Vlad and his gang have 48 hours to ensure that all Vampires are off the street and are prepared to abide by peaceful co-existence.
2 "Revamped" Menhaj Huda Joe Williams 5 November 2012
Revamped Vlad's peace initiative hangs in the balance but with a lot of help from Jonno, Bertrand and Erin they manage to persuade all the lawless ferals to turn up to SCRAP school at Garside.
3 "Storm in a Blood Cup" Menhaj Huda Gary Lawson & John Phelps 12 November 2012
Storm in a Blood Cup Adze arrives at Garside and much to Erin's chagrin, she is beautiful. Vlad doesn't appear to notice, as he's too busy scheming on how he can get out of the arrangement.
4 "The Crown of Ludlaw Erant" Menhaj Huda Davey Jones 19 November 2012
The Crown of Ludlaw Erant Malik is secretly meeting with a mystery being and his loyalty to the Draculas is not so clear cut. Ingrid strikes a deal with Ramanga.
5 "Murderer in the Midst" Matthew Evans Davey Jones 26 November 2012
Murderer in the Midst Bertrand is put in charge of finding Ryan's murderer. The problem is everyone has a motive, but he begins to suspect that someone as yet unknown has them running round in circles.
6 "Bloodbound" Matthew Evans Emma Reeves 27 November 2012
Bloodbound The day of the bloodbinding arrives. A reluctant and nervous Vlad prepares to stand by his word and marry Adze. Erin overhears Ramanga and Adze talking about the rings that will kill Vlad.
7 "Do the Bite Thing" Matthew Evans Emma Reeves 3 December 2012
B01p9kn8 640 360 Erin's life hangs in the balance and Vlad keeps a vigil at her bedside. The Count and Malik seek revenge on Ramanga for threatening Vlad and trying to overturn the House of Dracula.
8 "Loyalty's for Breathers" Matthew Evans Julie Dixon 4 December 2012
Loyalty's For Breathers Vlad struggles to overcome his blood thirst. The Count decides to challenge his sons to fight for their position as his rightful heir. Reluctantly Vlad agrees.
9 "Sun and Heir" Matthew Evans Jake Riddell 10 December 2012
Sun and Heir Bertrand is convinced the Shapeshifter is linked to Malik. In retaliation the Shapeshifter creates chaos by manipulating the Dracula clan.
10 "Whatever It Takes" Simon Massey Christopher Reason 11 December 2012
Whatever It Takes Vlad's problems appear to escalate even though he's dusted Bertrand. The Slayers Guild anticipate an end to the ceasefire and plan to attack.
11 "Bootiful Breathers" Simon Massey Davey Jones 17 December 2011
Bootiful Breathers Vlad is still in denial about Bertrand's death and is lying to everyone about the mind wipe of the slayers. Ingrid's bid for a position on the Vampire High Council fails due to an outsider
12 "Cuckoo in the Nest" Simon Massey Emma Reeves 18 December 2011
Cuckoo in the Nest Vlad decides that he must make amends for the bad decisions he has recently made. However, when the Count finds out his actions, he disinherits Vlad and formally makes Malik the Dracula heir.
13 "Kiss of Death" Simon Massey Joe Williams 18 December 2011
Kiss of Death Vlad and Ingrid join forces to capture the Shapeshifter, but since she can assume the physical appearance of anybody, they are initially at a loss as to know who she is.

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