Series 01, Episode 10
Air Date 23rd November 2006
Writer Ben Hassell
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"Zoltan, I'm on the rugby team"
―Vladimir Dracula

Rugby is the tenth episode of season one of Young Dracula.


In his continuing efforts to be normal, Vlad wants to try out for the school rugby union team, but his father does not allow it. The Count then allows Vlad to try out for the Rugby school team after hearing that it is violent and dangerous.

However the Count will only be impressed if Vlad cheats at the try outs. Vlad does it the clean way but is pummled by the other tryouts. Vlad gets on the team for his willingness to tackle anyone even though he is not the most talented at the sport.

Vlad lies to his father saying he cheated but Ingrid told the Count that he didn't and Vlad was punished by being hung upside down in practice as a vampire bat.

It is unknown if Vlad stayed on the Rugby team but he did say to Zoltan- "Who cares! I'm on the rugby team!" After Zoltan made a remark about Vlad's punishment.



  • Written by - Ben Hassell
  • Director - Pip Broughton
  • Producer - Mia Jupp
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