Occupation: Head of Security (VHC)
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Family: Talitha Roquelaire (daughter)
Skin color: White
Hair color: Grey
Status: Alive
First Appearance: The Bodyguard

Roquelaire is Head of Security at the Vampire High Council. He appointed his daughter, Talitha, to be Vladimir Dracula's bodyguard. He also employed Tollunde.

The Darkest Hour

In "The Darkest Hour" Roquelaire discovered that Vladimir Dracula was half-breather (or 'Dimidius'). Roquelaire believed that his daughter had betrayed him by not telling him, and he locked her inside a cell at the Vampire High Council.

When he discovered that the Magister Maleficorum was with the Draculas, Roquelaire went to Garside Grange to deal with the problem. The box had been stolen on his watch and he felt responsible. His companion, Morgan, took a bite from the forbidden fruit of the Blood Seed. While Morgan was turned to ash, Roquelaire became trapped by the fronds of the plant.

Vlad and Talitha came to save him, Vlad by breathing on the plant. Roquelaire helped the Draculas contain the plant, but it was no use and it went to seed. Roquelaire stayed with the family and helped them contain the Blood Seed inside a cake box. At the end of the episode Roquelaire proclaimed that the Draculas had been forgiven for their past crimes. It's suggested that he became head of the VHC in Morgan's place.

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