Robin Branaugh Robin Branaugh
Also Known As Strange Gothchild
Wierdo Number Two
Played by Craig Roberts
Species Human (Breather)
First Appearance When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance

Fangs For The Memories (flashback)

Relatives Elizabeth Branaugh (mother)

Graham Branagh (father)

Chloe Branaugh (sister)

Paul Branaugh (brother)

Ian Branaugh (brother)

Occupation Student

Vlad's best friend, and self-confessed "vampire geek" (even to the extent of wearing a black cape to school in the first series), Robin is one of the more interesting "breathers" of the series.


Robin is seen as rather unusual by most of the other breathers in the series, being obsessed with vampires.


Vlad is Robin's best friend

Series 1 & 2

Though by no means the most intelligent character present, Robin is the first person outside of the Dracula household to discover that his new friend is in fact a vampire. In the first series especially, Robin occasionally comes close to becoming dinner for the Count, particularly when the latter feels the need to prompt Vlad into concentrating on his vampiric responsibilities more than he does. Otherwise, he is grudgingly accepted into the Dracula household.

He is a loyal friend to Vlad, if only because he is so obsessed with vampires. He wants Vlad to be as much of a vampire as possible, despite the fact that Vlad has no interest in his preordained fate whatsoever.

In spite of being slightly strange and a bit of a loner without Vlad, he is shown during the first series to be a respectable (if morbid) artist and a chess grandmaster, beating "the greatest chess player ever". Robin is a very relaxed character and often does not care for the "danger" or "significance" of a given situation. Instead, he cares for the "coolness" of vampirism, thinking about the pros rather than the cons, and offers light hearted advice. This is often comes to great annoyance of Vlad, but the Count quite enjoys the attention.

Throughout a large part of Vlad's "dream sequence" in episode seven of series two, Vlad visions Robin as a "Wise Man" figure who helps him to avoid the dream slayers (Robin's family), and helps Vlad discover his vampiric powers, which perhaps shows that in his sub-conscious, Vlad admires Robin more than he lets on. Vlad makes the Branaghs forget that vampires exist in the final episode of series two, but whether this means Robin also forgets the existence of his friend is not known. He did not return for Series 3 and 4, along with his family and it is unlikely he will return for series 5.


"Robin is moody and difficult in class. He only cheers up when he's dissecting a frog. Please can you ask him not to do this during Maths"
- Graham Branagh quoting from Robin's school report

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