Roberto Bertolini
Occupation: Science teacher
Species: Breather
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Aliases: Mr Bertolini


Status: Alive
Appearances: Whatever It Takes - Cuckoo in the Nest
Portrayed by: Simon Lawson

Roberto Bertolini was a bat enthusiast and science teacher at Garside Grange School. His family originated from Italy.

Series 4Edit

Bertolini first appeared in "Whatever It Takes". He was hired by Miss McCauley, whom he presented with a bat necklace. Miss McCauley seemed interested in him romantically. Bertolini was interested in the bat colony in the attic at Garside Grange, which he thought were a rare species from eastern Europe. Later in the episode Bertolini entered the attic, much to the surprise of Ingrid, Malik and the ferals, who were expecting a slayer attack. The Count tried to hypnotise Bertolini into forgetting the incident and leaving the school. Bertolini believed that he was dreaming and decided to stay.

In "Bootiful Breathers" he observed Malik and Erin flying outside the old building. He and Miss McCauley had camped out in a tent in the grounds. The Count plotted to kill Bertolini and make it look like an accident, however Bertolini survived falling through the floorboards and was taken to hospital.

In the next episode Bertolini asked to go on a six month sabbatical. The royal bat society were apparently very interested in his work.

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