Rings of Arianrhod
Rings of Arianrhod
Owner(s): Ramanga

Adze Ramanga

Creator(s): Unknown
Age: Unknown
Status: One ring destroyed
Location: Unknown
Uses: Control of people
"The rings of Arianrhod, forbidden dark weapons. Generations shudder at their very name"

The Rings of Arianrhod were vampire artefacts. The rings were owned by Ramanga. Ramanga gave the rings to Adze as a "wedding gift", telling her to get revenge on Vlad.


If one is worn by the user, and another is worn by the victim, the rings can be used to control that person's actions, leaving them incapable of moving by their own free will. The rings must be activated by a tear from the victim's bloodline.

Adze used them to control the slayer Erin, forcing her onto the rooftop of Garside Grange. Erin was able to slightly resist the power of the rings. Adze, out of anger, threw a fireball at Erin, and the crystals within one of the rings lodged in Erin's skin. The injury caused her to collapse and plunge from the rooftop, and, despite Renfield's best efforts, death was inevitable. Erin was later turned into a vampire by Vlad. The side effects of having a shattered ring embedded in your skin are unknown.


  • Arianrhod is a figure in Welsh mythology.
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