Record of births and deaths of named characters.


Character Year Parents
Vaccaria, Malik - Elizabeta Vaccaria and Unknown


Character Year Cause
Fortunesa, Bertrand de 2012 Staked by Vladimir Dracula
Chandu - Death by mummification
Clontarf, Nanny - Unknown
Clarke, Will 2008 Killed by Kurt Moller
Dracula, Arta - Staked by Elizabeta Vaccaria
Dracula, Boris 2008 Dusted after wearing the crown of power
Dracula, Dracos - Unknown
Farah 2014 Staked by Talitha Roquelaire
Grand High Vampire 2008 Staked by Boris Dracula
Lansley, George 2012 Electrocuted by Vladimir Dracula
Jiangshi 2008 Dusted after wearing the crown of power
Kai 2014 Staked by Shango Ramanga
MacDonald, Chieftain 2008 Dusted after wearing the crown of power
Moroi, Justice 2008 Killed by Boris Dracula
McEldrich, Goody 2011 Killed by Count Dracula with a garlic pit
Noble, Erin 2013 Killed by the Shadow Warriors
Noble, Ryan 2012 Killed by Elizabeta Vaccaria with garlic tipped thorns
Ramanga 2014 Staked by Count Dracula
Ramanga, Adze 2012 Staked by Mina Van Helsing
Renfield Sr. - Devoured by Zoltan and his pack of hellhounds
Sethius 2011 Killed by the Draculas with sunlight
Vaccaria, Malik 2014 Killed by Ramanga in a necromancy ritual
Van Helsing, Abraham 1965 Unknown
Van Helsing, Eric - Killed by vampires
Van Helsing, Manly 1789 Unknown
Van Helsing, Noris - Killed in action
Van Helsing, Porfiria 1892 Unknown
Warnock 2014 Staked by Ingrid Dracula
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