Ramanga Family
Shango & Asan
Leader: Ramanga (deceased)
Earliest Member: Unknown
Enemies: Dracula Family
First Appearance: Bad to the Bones

The Ramanga family is a powerful family of vampires. The ancient vampire Ramanga was Leader of the Clans and they have an army vampire soldiers to fight for them.

When Vlad failed to open the Praedictum Impaver, it called out to Ramanga who rushed to the Garside Grange. Ramaga was the first of this ancient family to arrive at Garside. Adze arrived in series 4 and she was engaged to Vlad. Adze wounded Erin Noble out of revenge after Vlad and his father called the marriage off.

The Count and Malik tracked the Ramangas down, overpowering and "de-fanging" Ramanga. Adze was killed by Mina later in the series. Ramanga exiled himself to the Karakum desert where he supposedly lay down in a place some call 'The Door to Hell' and 'sacrificed himself to the agony of the light'. Two of his children (Asan and Shango Ramanga) arrive at Garside Grange, seeking vengeance. Later it turns out that Ramanga faked his own death. He returns to Garside to steal Vlad's powers, but is staked by Count Dracula.
Mrs Ramanga

Mrs Ramanga's ashes?

Shango declares that the feud is not over. Shango and Asan return for Vlad's eighteenth birthday and Shango learns that the Chosen One is half-human. He then informs the Vampire High Council and they arrest Vlad. Vlad and his father manage to escape and they attack the Ramanga family as the Blood Seed grows. Vlad shows mercy and he decides not to kill Shango even though his family encourage him to do otherwise. In the end, following the defeat of Morgan, Shango ends the feud with the Draculas.

It's hinted that Adze's mother (and possibly the mother of Shango and Asan) is deceased. In "Bloodbound" Ramanga is seen calling a golden pot 'my darling'. This is probably her ashes.

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Ramanga family tree

Mrs Ramanga †
Adze Ramanga
Shango Ramanga
Asan Ramanga

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