Ramanga is head of the vampire clans and is very powerful. When Vlad keeps failing to open the Praedictum Impaver, it calls out to Ramanga who rushes to the school. The fact that the whole Dracula family and Bertrand kneel and pay him respect show that he is of high rank and is well known. Despite this however, when Ramanga wants to bite Miss McCauley, the Count stands up to him suggesting they are of roughly similar strength. When he realises that the Chosen One isn't there and they were messing around with a doll he gets angry and splits himself into 4 exact copies (it's unknown whether this power is unique to him or whether other vampires can also do this). When he is about to kill the family and Bertrand, Vlad appears and his touch alone destroys the 3 copies (leaving the original) who kneels before Vlad when he easily opens the Praedictum Impaver. Ramanga also seems quite fond of Ingrid Dracula.

In series 4 he is a regular and is there to keep an eye on what is going on with the ceasefire - he and Count Dracula very much want it to end and they keep trying to find ways to end it (they also ask Ingrid to help). Ramanga has a daughter called Adze who he and the Count decide will marry Vlad even though Vlad is in love with Erin. It turns out that the Ramangas are plotting to kill Vlad after Adze recieves power from his bite. Bertrand and Erin stop the bloodbinding just in time and expose them. When Vlad confronts Adze about this, Ramanga starts being aggressive towards Vlad, leading to the Count punching him.


He claims to be 515 years old

Bertrand is scared of him.

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