Praedictum Impaver
Praedictum Impaver
Other Names: The Book
Owner(s): Bertrand de Fortunesa

Vladimir Dracula

Creator(s): Ancient Vampires
Age: Ancient
Status: Destroyed
Uses: Prison
First Appearance: The Enemy Within
Last Appearance: All For One

Supposedly a book that, if opened by the Chosen One, would make vampires superior and give them the power to rule the Earth like in the ancient times.


There once was an ancient vampire named Sethius. According to legend he was the first vampire and self-proclaimed chosen one of vampire-kind. His plan was to turn every breather in the world into vampires and begin a vampire civil war, but the ancient vampires believed he was insane and imprisoned him in the Praedictum Impaver. The Praedictum Impaver eventually fell into Bertrand's hands. Bertrand believed that once opened, the book would reveal the destiny of the vampires.


The name of the book consists of two parts. The first word Praedictum is Latin and means predicted or fortold. The second word Impaver just seems to be Latin but it's not. In fact it is an anagram of the English word vampire. Thereby honoring and old tradition in vampire literature and film where vampires are often fond of anagrams.

Series 3Edit

Bertrand travelled to Garside Grange to train Vlad, the true Chosen One, in the use of his powers so he could open the book. He eventually does so, but finds the pages blank. Erin later fills them with her blood and Sethius is freed.

Sethius recruits Ingrid and Bertrand as lieutenants and sets about planning to conquer the world. Once again he tries to convince them all into following his insane plan to turn every breather in the world into vampires and begin a vampire civil war. Sethius is eventually destroyed with a Suncatcher machine.

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