Porfiria Van Helsing
Occupation: Vampire Slayer
Species: Breather
Gender: Female
Age: 40 (1852-1892)
Family: Sir Manly Van Helsing

Noris Van Helsing
Abraham Van Helsing III
Eric Van Helsing
Jonno Van Helsing

Aliases: Great Aunt Porfiria
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Terence Maynard
"Whoever you are, I love you!"
Boris Dracula

Porfiria Van Helsing (1852-1892) was an ancestor of Eric Van Helsing. She was a vampire slayer,scientist, inventor, and the author of the vampire-slaying book A Painless Cure for Vampires.

However, her discoveries were not well received by her fellow slayers, and considered her to be mad, and this resulted her in being incarcerated into an Insane Asylum. An act that made headlines in the public news paper that caused people to doubt her discoveries.

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