Poisoned Lipstick
Poisoned Lipstick
Owner(s): Elizabeta Vaccaria
Uses: Poisoning someone with a kiss
First Appearance: Cuckoo in the Nest
Last Appearance: Kiss of Death
Elizabeta used Poisoned Lipstick to try to murder her ex-lover Count Dracula at the end of series 4. The lipstick was infused with the paralysing venom of the Moroccan fire spider, a poison which caused paralysis, hallucinations, blindness then death. The newly bitten vampire, Erin Noble, tried to poison Vladimir Dracula after being given the lipstick by Elizabeta. Count Dracula began seeing his brother, Arta Dracula, who had died many years ago. He also began to go blind. The cure Renfield made did not work, but Vladimir Dracula was able to save his father by biting him and drawing the poison out. It is likely Vlad survived ingesting the venom because he is half-human, or because he is the prophesised Chosen One.
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