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Occupation: Technician
Species: Breather
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Computer Geek
Status: Alive
Appearances: Fight or Flight
Who's the Daddy
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Nemesis Rising
Bite Me
The Darkest Hour - Part 1
The Darkest Hour - Part 2
Portrayed by: Mark Rowley

"I am loving those by the way."
―Piers, about Ingrid's fangs

Piers is a Scottish technology geek who helps Ingrid Dracula with her computer. He seems to be a big fan of vampires, and easily figures out what VHC (Vampire High Council) means.


Piers is incredibly good with technology, even using glasses that memorise what he sees. He seems to have extensive vampire knowledge (easily recognising some notable vampire family names), and claims to "know his biters". He blackmails Ingrid, threatening to show the vampire family trees to the world (via the internet), if she hurts him. Reluctantly, Ingrid lets him live, though she appears to be very annoyed at him. Piers doesn't appear to have any evil motives or particular goals - he's just a boy that wants the cute girl.

Series 5[]

He seems to be after Ingrid's heart, despite her attempts to push him away. She shows no such feelings in return until the episode Bite Me. It is shown during Once Bitten, Twice Shy that he is keeping with touch with Ingrid, using webcams. Georgina Giles thinks that Piers is Ingrid's boyfriend, because they are working on a "project" together.

In Bite Me, Piers rescues Ingrid from the secret passageways under the school in which she was lost. Ingrid gasps when she sees him and hugs him tightly, to which Piers says, "Wow, you are pleased to see me?". Ingrid then, defending her pride, pushes him away commenting, "a momentary lapse, won't happen again". But she does not let go of him the entire time, showing she is afraid, and is presumably comfortable enough with him to do so.

As they continue down the passages there is a loud growling noise and Ingrid immediately gasps and hugs Piers again. Piers says:

"As much as I've dreamed of this moment, I didn't intend it to be my last on the planet."

He and Ingrid hold hands tightly as they carefully edge down the passageways. When they finally arrive back out of the passages, they hug again and Ingrid thanks Piers. Piers has also adopted the nickname "sweet fangs" for Ingrid, which she is not too keen on.

In The Darkest Hour Ingrid says to her cell mate Talitha:

"If I don't come back, will you tell Piers that I- ... despise him."

Piers arrives atGarside Grange later in the episode to save George from the Magister Maleficorum. He joins the others to help them save the Dracula Family, his knowledge of technology being key to navigating the Vampire High Council building. At the end of the series, after helping defeat Morgan and the Blood Seed, Piers tells Ingrid that he has bought Garside Grange, and that she naturally has a fifty per cent share. The two hug and Ingrid tells him she always wanted her own throne.