Renfield Renfield
Also Known As Mr Renfield
Renfield the Repulsive
Played by Simon Ludders
Species Human (Breather)
First Appearance When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance The Chosen One
Mother Mrs Renfield
Father Renfield Sr.
Occupation Butler / Servant
Spouse None
"Yes Master"
―Renfield to Count Dracula

The Draculas' servant and dogsbody, Renfield is a disgusting specimen who likes nothing more than eating maggots and nothing less than "breathers". He does all that he can to help the Count, but tends to get things wrong. He is fairly skilled at alchemy, although not, as is discovered in one episode, as good as his father. He also appears to enjoy cross-dressing: he apparently stole a dress from Ingrid, and claims that he looks "absolutely stunning in sequins", to the bemusement of all. He once accidentally fell in love with Van Helsing while he was dressed as a woman despite the fact that Van Helsing had not shaved his beard before putting on the disguise. This says a great deal about the level of both characters' intelligence. He is not, however, particularly "mad" like the original Renfield from the story of Dracula, but is perhaps comparable with Igor from various Frankenstein films. It is not known whether he will continue to serve the Draculas, as at the end of the second series, with the help of the Grand High Vampire's crown, Vlad causes him, along with the slayers and the Branaughs, to forget that there are any such things as vampires. In series 3 Renfield still works for the count despite the fact that he doesnt believe in vampires and no matter how many times the count tells him what they are he forgets it again. He explains them sleeping in coffins as just being eccentric. Also his appearance has improved greatly. His head is shaved bald and all the warts are gone, but unfortunatly still has foul teeth. Though later he has his memory restored by Vlad.


"Did you see that guy playing the servant? As if anyone's really that ugly"
- Jonathan Van Helsing

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